Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Smelling the Roses

I can't believe what a nice day we had. The weather is nice (a bit warm) but we enjoyed it. We played outside this am and took a late morning nap. Emma is sure a good nap dog ha ha. Then we met a teacher friend for lunch. I taught with her when I worked at St. John the Baptist in Excelsior. We had a great lunch. Yummy salad bar but even better was the conversation. She is the kind of friend that I expect to treasure her friendship for the rest of my least I hope so. She makes me laugh. We can talk about anything and everything. We have kids similar ages, she is still teaching, and we have a lot in common. I treasure her friendship. When I was at St. John's, when I barely knew her she gave me rides to school due to problems with my vision. I was out of her way. I think it was those minutes and hours in traffic that cemented our relationship. We would laugh, gripe, and discuss the days events. It was a wonderful way to start and end each day.

We visited Half Price Bookstore and soon were lost in thought. We were there a very long time and Emma was very very patient. I picked up a book for my granddaughters and a book for myself. It was fun.

Then we headed home. We rested a bit. As it cools off, I hope to go outside with Emma and do some weeding and watering. The temps are close to 90 so my sunny south side gets awful dry!! If it is too hot, or if I am not too tired there are some inside things like filing I need to do. I never run out of chores, just run out of energy.

I felt so much better today than most days. MS is like that. Some days are harder than others. I was slow starting today and didn't do much till noon. But once I had that morning nap I was ready to enjoy the day.

tonight we enjoyed a nice long walk (for Emma - scooter ride for me) and talking with a neighbor. Our kids grew up together and so we got an update on each family and what was new. I got the flowers watered but weeding will wait for another day.
Since I have roses I literally took time to smell the roses. Since I took time to visit with friends I took time to smell the roses in the other sense of the words also. Now I am going to read and head to bed. Emma is happy to rest after the walk.

Hope you get outside to enjoy the weather where you live. Take care, emma and Mary

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