Monday, June 8, 2009

Time With Becky Sue

This is a picture of my daughter we affectionately call Becky Sue. Yes mostly Becky. But remember the rock and roll song Peggy Sue? We use to sing Becky Sue. For many years she thought that was the words of the song. She remembers crying when she realized the song was really Becky Sue. the picture is with her new sisters-in-laws at her bridal reception. I liked her happy expression.

Today Emma and I had a huge huge surprise. i felt better and Becky was off work. My darling took time to be with her mom. I called her and said "do you want to play with me today?". She gets every other Monday off if she can fit it in (she is now got such a time consuming job at United Way. I figured if she was off she would be busy or my luck she would be working.

She said sure and was here within an hour. We went to Kohl's and used a gift certificate I had to buy tops for sophia. We went to Joanne Etc and bought some fabric for her and yarn for me. We went to Target and bought a comforter (yeah on sale super good deal) and sheets (on clearance) and then to Slumberland where i used a gift certificate and got a lamp for only $1.00 more.
I felt so pampered to have her with and get these things for my home.

Imagine going so many places. I walked everywhere but Target. Slowly of course but that was good for me too. It lifted my spirits immensely. The walking was good for Emma and I also took her out several times.

Guess what that stinker did for me. I wanted her to pick up the cane at the register at Slumberland. She went toward the cane (it was the one she finds easiest to pick up) and then smelled something on the floor instead. I was persistant in asking her to get it and she responded. She layed down on the cane as if she was going to sleep. Right ON the cane. Now she has NEVER done that. I got her to stand and waited a long time but she just wouldn't pick up the cane. Go figure.

Happily in all other ways she did just fine.
We are washing sheets before putting them on our bed. I am so excited to perk up my bedroom. I really need it painted but not sure if that will get done with all the other things that need doing around here. We have to set priorities and I don't think that can be on the top of the list. Painting my bathroom would come first and even before that some sorting...well home owners know there is always something to do.

Hoping all is well with you. We hope to finish laundry and relax tonight. I am so glad to feel better. We were home in time for Emma and I to rest.

Take good care of yourself...thanks for the kind notes when I didn't feel well. With my inhalers I am doing so much better.


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