Monday, June 8, 2009

Time With Becky Sue

This is a picture of my daughter we affectionately call Becky Sue. Yes mostly Becky. But remember the rock and roll song Peggy Sue? We use to sing Becky Sue. For many years she thought that was the words of the song. She remembers crying when she realized the song was really Becky Sue. the picture is with her new sisters-in-laws at her bridal reception. I liked her happy expression.

Today Emma and I had a huge huge surprise. i felt better and Becky was off work. My darling took time to be with her mom. I called her and said "do you want to play with me today?". She gets every other Monday off if she can fit it in (she is now got such a time consuming job at United Way. I figured if she was off she would be busy or my luck she would be working.

She said sure and was here within an hour. We went to Kohl's and used a gift certificate I had to buy tops for sophia. We went to Joanne Etc and bought some fabric for her and yarn for me. We went to Target and bought a comforter (yeah on sale super good deal) and sheets (on clearance) and then to Slumberland where i used a gift certificate and got a lamp for only $1.00 more.
I felt so pampered to have her with and get these things for my home.

Imagine going so many places. I walked everywhere but Target. Slowly of course but that was good for me too. It lifted my spirits immensely. The walking was good for Emma and I also took her out several times.

Guess what that stinker did for me. I wanted her to pick up the cane at the register at Slumberland. She went toward the cane (it was the one she finds easiest to pick up) and then smelled something on the floor instead. I was persistant in asking her to get it and she responded. She layed down on the cane as if she was going to sleep. Right ON the cane. Now she has NEVER done that. I got her to stand and waited a long time but she just wouldn't pick up the cane. Go figure.

Happily in all other ways she did just fine.
We are washing sheets before putting them on our bed. I am so excited to perk up my bedroom. I really need it painted but not sure if that will get done with all the other things that need doing around here. We have to set priorities and I don't think that can be on the top of the list. Painting my bathroom would come first and even before that some sorting...well home owners know there is always something to do.

Hoping all is well with you. We hope to finish laundry and relax tonight. I am so glad to feel better. We were home in time for Emma and I to rest.

Take good care of yourself...thanks for the kind notes when I didn't feel well. With my inhalers I am doing so much better.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Have a Good Day Today

I am feeling better. Coughing less and breathing more like normal which is good.

Emma is being just a great helper. We watched the movie "New in Town" and that made us laugh. For those of you who see it and don't live in MN - be assured MN has four seasons. That movie only shows when it is pretty snowy and cold. We also don't all talk like that accent they also used in the movie Fargo.

Will be home all day. I slept late and took a morning nap. I will make it a restful day.

Hope you have a good day. Mary and Emma

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Nurse Emma

M - Mary is sleeping all day

A - at least she is feeling well enough to do that and breathing better

R - raining outside so I don't mind being indoors napping with her

Y - Yeah so far controlling it at home and no trip to the ER

Friday, June 5, 2009

Nurse Emma is On Duty

My asthma and breathing problems causing lots of wheezing. I appear to also have a cold, sore throat thing that is going around. Resting all day and calling the lung specialist. Will write when I feel better.

A group of students I taught graduate from Hight School this year. I feel old. Congratulations to Judy and her son Jack (Emma's foster mom who trained her). Jack was a good pal to Emma.

Emma and Mary

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Bit Different

I goofed and when looking at layout options for the blog. So the last one didn't look like I planned. I think I have it pretty good now but not exact as I had. At least I can still blog.

Grandma Day and Emma Enjoyed it Too

The photos are of my son Michael and Tia. My granddaugher Sophia. Rosa on the first day of the hospital and the first time I baby sat her.

Let me explain. I love kids. I am a nut about kids. Maybe you would say I am nuts about you might try to guess how much I love my own children, their spouses and my grandchildren.

The first day I babysat Rosa was the day that followed her birth. She was born at nearly midnight. The next morning Mike called me. "Mom do you want to babysit Rosa?" I was thrilled beyond belief and yes they were still in the hospital. "Tia needs some sleep as we got nearly none last night" (He seemed surprise to learn how busy newborns keep you all night long) "and I want some time with Sophia and to do a few things at home before they come home.

Well I wanted to zip to the hospital but I am sure Greg drove. I mention all this because today I got to babysit and I was so darn delighted. Sophia is just home from Puerto Rico trip with her dad and step mom. She went to school yesterday but today was just wiped. She had circles under her eyes that looked almost like a black eye. I have never seen that on a child. She needed rest. Tia had school and work and Mike helped Greg with some things at work.

Now it took seconds for me to cancel other plans and agree to go over. Rosa normally would have gone this day to part time day care which she calls her "school" but arranging to get her there and pick her up after just a few hours did not pan out. Also I begged to have her too. I don't think I have ever said no to seeing the girls.

Well it was a good thing Rosa was home for company. Sophia was so worn out she spent most the day in bed. She would come to see me a bit and say "Grandma is it okay if I go back to my bed?" She slept and read a lot. Just what the doctor would order I think. She looked so much better at the end of the day.

Tia had clinicals tonight and Mike band practice so the girls had a big treat. They got to go to Grandma Carol's and Grandpa Bob's and they love that too. So we called it Grandma Day.

Now Emma doesn't mind being there at all. She loves the smells of a city yard. She and Lily hang out together. At one point they even slept on the floor darn close to each other. They are with each other enough it is no big deal. Sophia and Rosa like Emma so it works out fine.

I would like to tell you more about our day but i am trying to think if it would be interesting and also I need to go relax before our late dinner. So I think I will wait till tomorrow or later tonight.

I told a tired Tia who was home only briefly between work and school/clinical - being a mom is fantastic but being a Grandma is also terrific because you have both your children and grandchildren. I do think Mike and Tia could both use a day at home to sleep and read like Sophia. In the real world that doesn't happen very easily for grownups now does it? Not till you are retired like I am at least.

Take good care. Tomorrow we have water exercise and then can nap at home. Mary and Emma

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Smelling the Roses

I can't believe what a nice day we had. The weather is nice (a bit warm) but we enjoyed it. We played outside this am and took a late morning nap. Emma is sure a good nap dog ha ha. Then we met a teacher friend for lunch. I taught with her when I worked at St. John the Baptist in Excelsior. We had a great lunch. Yummy salad bar but even better was the conversation. She is the kind of friend that I expect to treasure her friendship for the rest of my least I hope so. She makes me laugh. We can talk about anything and everything. We have kids similar ages, she is still teaching, and we have a lot in common. I treasure her friendship. When I was at St. John's, when I barely knew her she gave me rides to school due to problems with my vision. I was out of her way. I think it was those minutes and hours in traffic that cemented our relationship. We would laugh, gripe, and discuss the days events. It was a wonderful way to start and end each day.

We visited Half Price Bookstore and soon were lost in thought. We were there a very long time and Emma was very very patient. I picked up a book for my granddaughters and a book for myself. It was fun.

Then we headed home. We rested a bit. As it cools off, I hope to go outside with Emma and do some weeding and watering. The temps are close to 90 so my sunny south side gets awful dry!! If it is too hot, or if I am not too tired there are some inside things like filing I need to do. I never run out of chores, just run out of energy.

I felt so much better today than most days. MS is like that. Some days are harder than others. I was slow starting today and didn't do much till noon. But once I had that morning nap I was ready to enjoy the day.

tonight we enjoyed a nice long walk (for Emma - scooter ride for me) and talking with a neighbor. Our kids grew up together and so we got an update on each family and what was new. I got the flowers watered but weeding will wait for another day.
Since I have roses I literally took time to smell the roses. Since I took time to visit with friends I took time to smell the roses in the other sense of the words also. Now I am going to read and head to bed. Emma is happy to rest after the walk.

Hope you get outside to enjoy the weather where you live. Take care, emma and Mary